Bambi’s in a Blaze


forest fire

They say that it is the time of year and to be expected. Our big sky has gone from bright blue to hazy brown as fires rage in the forests that are all around us. Bambi’s in a blaze.

When 19 hotshot firefighters were burned to death in Arizona someone was casually quoted as saying, “sometimes fire wins”. No kidding.

We are told about a raging fire in Idaho that is heading towards expensive homes, “a monster with it’s mouth open. So we should consider the ill intent of the fire, as if fire is of human will and  malice. What would Prometheus think after having been exiled for giving fire to the people assuming  in good faith that he was enabling progress and civilization.

In California there is a fire “stomping it’s way” to Yosemite, already having laid waste to 200 square miles with no sign of letting up…

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Massive Yellowstone geyser erupts for first time in 8 years

By Amanda Watts and Melissa Gray


(CNN) — Everyone knows the story of Old Faithful. Here’s the story of Old Unreliable.

The Steamboat geyser at Yellowstone National Park is the world’s tallest active geyser, but it’s unpredictable, sometimes waiting months or decades between eruptions. Once, in the 1960s, it erupted 29 times in a year.

It’s rare to be there when Steamboat wakes up. Its eruptions are massive and impressive, reaching as high as 400 feet and lasting as long as 40 minutes. And the show doesn’t end there: A thick column of thundering steam spews for hours after an eruption, as if it’s a giant steam engine.

Steamboat must have decided it was showtime again on Wednesday. For the first time in eight years, and without warning, the geyser suddenly erupted in a massive spectacle, stunning those on the observation deck, who raced to pull out their cameras.

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Photos: Massive Idaho wildfires burn thousands of acres

(CNN) — Cloud cover and higher humidity slowed the growth of a wildfire burning in central Idaho this weekend, but officials warned they’re not out of the woods yet.

The Beaver Creek Fire has burned some 100,916 acres, up from nearly 93,000 on Saturday and 64,000 acres on Friday. It is 9% contained.

“It’s pretty tough all the way around,” said Stephen Dane, a fire spokesman.

“But we have some veteran firefighters who know what they are doing and they are fighting their hearts out. They are doing an amazing job, working night and day. They are not giving this fire any slack.”

Approximately 1,200 firefighters are working the blaze, with the help of helicopters, bulldozers and conventional engines, Dane said.

The fire, located northwest of Hailey and some six miles south of Ketchum, has forced nearby residents to flee.

Mandatory evacuation orders had grown from 1,600 homes to more…

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