Bambi’s in a Blaze


forest fire

They say that it is the time of year and to be expected. Our big sky has gone from bright blue to hazy brown as fires rage in the forests that are all around us. Bambi’s in a blaze.

When 19 hotshot firefighters were burned to death in Arizona someone was casually quoted as saying, “sometimes fire wins”. No kidding.

We are told about a raging fire in Idaho that is heading towards expensive homes, “a monster with it’s mouth open. So we should consider the ill intent of the fire, as if fire is of human will and  malice. What would Prometheus think after having been exiled for giving fire to the people assuming  in good faith that he was enabling progress and civilization.

In California there is a fire “stomping it’s way” to Yosemite, already having laid waste to 200 square miles with no sign of letting up…

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