If A Tree Falls In The Forest…

Kiss My Tractor

Our nation’s forests are a valuable resource, providing thousands of products, recreational activities, wildlife habitat, and adding beauty to our surroundings. While forests are a natural ecosystem, because they are also a valuable commodity, they must be carefully managed to ensure they remain healthy and vibrant for generations.

During my Leadership Idaho Agriculture class’s first session in Moscow, in Northern Idaho we had a session on forestry in Idaho, and also had a field trip to Bennett Lumber Products in Princeton. I knew nothing about forestry, and very much enjoyed learning about Idaho’s forests and how they are managed.

In Idaho, there are about 23 million acres of forest land, including 16.6 million acres of timberland that is available for timber harvest. This is nearly 40% of Idaho’s total landmass, and the most of any state in the Union. The Federal government owns 80.5% of the forest land, and 77%…

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A drive around Henry’s Lake


A drive around Henry's (26)

In Island Park, ID there is a lake called Henry’s Lake.  It is huge for fishing.  My dad and I have been tempted to water ski but were afraid the fishermen would chase us down if we disturbed their fishing.  I have fished on this lake many times.  They do have some large fish there.

One day while we were on vacation last month we decided to go for a drive and see the beautiful fall colors.  We decided to drive around this lake.  It was fun and beautiful.  So I thought I’d share a couple of the many pictures that I took on the drive.A drive around Henry's (5)

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A letter from a customer

Creig Nevile letter

We love our customers! Here is a great letter we received from a great customer:

“Last winter, our family purchased our own tractor to remove the snow from our driveways. This Winter, I have decided to have drive plowed by Island Park. I want to let you know that over the last several years your services has been much appreciated by me. I will let everyone know what a great job you do, should they need plowing services this winter.”

– Craig Neville

Thanks Craig for your kind words. We love helping you keep a safe driveway each winter!



5 Ways to Stress Less this Thanksgiving

A Touch of Healing

thanksgivingTurkey day is on it’s way and though the holidays are a time of celebrating family and friends, sometimes it can be a time of stress and utter frustration. The trick here is to acknowledge what it is that causes your stress and address it before it becomes a problem. Here’s a few tips to point you in the right direction:

1. You are allowed to say “No”. – Not every request has to be granted. You don’t have to visit every family member’s dinner every year. You don’t need to make the requested ham and turkey or two different kinds of stuffing. Realize that if you become the “yes man” everything you do will end up being sub-par because you’ve stretched yourself to thin. Decide what’s a priority and what you can legitimately handle, then stick to it. “No” is not a dirty word and you should not feel…

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Two Million Years of Super Volcanic Eruptions in the United States.

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November 4, 2013Map of the Ash and Tephra fall for Major Volcanic Eruptions in the United States: The map reflects ash and tephra fall for major eruptions from the Long Valley Caldera, Mount St. Helens and Yellowstone. Tephra is fragmental material produced by a volcanic eruption regardless of composition, fragment size or emplacement mechanism. Volcanologists also refer to airborne fragments as pyroclasts. Once clasts have fallen to the ground they remain as tephra unless hot enough to fuse together into pyroclastic rock or tuff.

The distribution of tephra following an eruption usually involves the largest boulders falling to the ground quickest and therefore closest to the vent, while smaller fragments travel further—ash can often travel for thousands of miles, even circumglobal, as it can stay in the stratosphere for days to weeks following an eruption. When large amounts of tephra accumulate in the atmosphere from massive…

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Hardscapes and Excavation – Creating a New Patio – Step 2

Bullington Land Management

The next step is excavation and site prep. Digging, excavating and gradework are all just different words that basically just mean removing or moving soil to change the level or slope of the ground to make it what you need it to be. In this case, we needed a level, compacted base that was approx. 12 inches lower than the final height of the patio we are building. This will allow us to add and compact a thick base of aggregate which will make for a rock solid patio foundation.

Whether you do the work by hand or with a Bobcat or trackhoe, site prep is one of the most important parts of the process and taking the time here to make sure that everything is graded level and to the correct dept will make work later much easier. The prep part of the work is also the part that’s…

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American Bison- Animal of the Day


ImageAmerican Bison

Bison Bison

Here we have our first ever animals of the week/day! (I haven’t decided yet) I’m not quite sure what the layout of this will be yet but I think I’ll tell you the basics and then got from there. 

American Bison, commonly called buffalo, roamed the plains of midwest United States in the hundreds of thousands in the eighteenth century. However, they were almost all killed off due to people in the eighteen hundreds killing them for sport. Buffalo have huge thick shaggy brown coats and enormous horns used mostly for defense. They live in herds and are herbivorous, meaning they eat only plants. Bison migrate in the winter. How do they get food, you ask? When the ground is covered by snow, bison will scrape the snow away with their huge horns.

Because of their enormous size, bison are not the predators of many animals…

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