American Bison- Animal of the Day


ImageAmerican Bison

Bison Bison

Here we have our first ever animals of the week/day! (I haven’t decided yet) I’m not quite sure what the layout of this will be yet but I think I’ll tell you the basics and then got from there. 

American Bison, commonly called buffalo, roamed the plains of midwest United States in the hundreds of thousands in the eighteenth century. However, they were almost all killed off due to people in the eighteen hundreds killing them for sport. Buffalo have huge thick shaggy brown coats and enormous horns used mostly for defense. They live in herds and are herbivorous, meaning they eat only plants. Bison migrate in the winter. How do they get food, you ask? When the ground is covered by snow, bison will scrape the snow away with their huge horns.

Because of their enormous size, bison are not the predators of many animals…

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