Hardscapes and Excavation – Creating a New Patio – Step 2

Bullington Land Management

The next step is excavation and site prep. Digging, excavating and gradework are all just different words that basically just mean removing or moving soil to change the level or slope of the ground to make it what you need it to be. In this case, we needed a level, compacted base that was approx. 12 inches lower than the final height of the patio we are building. This will allow us to add and compact a thick base of aggregate which will make for a rock solid patio foundation.

Whether you do the work by hand or with a Bobcat or trackhoe, site prep is one of the most important parts of the process and taking the time here to make sure that everything is graded level and to the correct dept will make work later much easier. The prep part of the work is also the part that’s…

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