Yellowstone National Park

Here and There

161989main_Bison_herdp>     Located in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, stands a National Park that was the first to be established in America in 1872.  It is called Yellowstone National Park and it is one of the most beautiful, mostly intact temperate zone areas in America.  

     Yellowstone National Park is home to many of the world’s geysers, one of the most famous being Old Faithful.  The park mountainous and throughout the wild lands, one can easily spot grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk.  

     Human history of Yellowstone dates back earlier than 11,000 years ago.  The land was inhabited by Native Americans, who lived, hunted, and traveled through these lands.  It was only approximately 200 years ago that Europeans found the land and began to use it.  

     Many people enjoy going to Yellowstone National Park for recreational purposes.  A lot of people enjoy

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