What’s So Great About Fly Fishing?

Gotta Learn to Fly

“What’s so great about fly fishing?”

Being that it is not common for a girl to claim fly fishing as her favorite past time, I encounter this question often. And all I can think is what any other angler would think, “What a stupid question!”

But when I try to think about how to answer, it is difficult to put into words. Is it the adventure? The challenge? The cast, mend, drift, strike, and hook? I just can’t pinpoint it.


I guess that’s because it’s all of it. Because fly fishing is not just something you do, it is something that transforms you. Your whole heart and soul become a part of the process. You don’t forget everything and leave all your troubles behind, but you gain perspective and become a small part of the stream, the canyon, and the mountains. You become a part of something greater than yourself…

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