West Yellowstone’s Spring Opening

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West Yellowstone’s Spring Opening

Spring Opening on April 18, at Yellowstone’s west entrance arrived in gray tones and a surreal stillness we never experienced last summer.

Yellowstone0001  Yellowstone0008

Only a few cars trickled through the gates in late afternoon and, oftentimes, ours was the lone car on the road. Snow lined roads and freezing temperatures reminded us that winter still commanded the season.  Icy winds raced across steaming grounds filling the air with a pungent sulphur-like aroma.  A yellow orange orb, called the sun, made brief guest appearances.  No matter what weather Mother Nature chooses, Yellowstone is beautiful!


Within minutes, Bison greeted us in their usual way, lumbering down the road blocking traffic in both directions to the delight of our two co-workers visiting Yellowstone for the first time.


Headed for Old Faithful Geyser, we stopped at Lower Geyser Basin and trekked along the snowbank covered boardwalk past the sign which…

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The Grand Prasmatic Spring and Old Faithful Geyser – two of the best to view in Yellowstone

Locating Lexie

The Edge of the steaming, yet colourful Grand Prasmatic Spring The Edge of the steaming, yet colourful Grand Prasmatic Spring

Due to only a few roads being open, the furthest we could go was down to ‘Old Faithful’, a geyser named for its near accuracy to go off every 90-120 minutes. We head south from Mammoth Campsite one last time. Past Norris and on the way, there were several areas to stop off and view some of the springs, pools, vents and geysers. My favourite was most certainly at the Midway Geyser Basin.

The Grand Prasmatic Spring

I had read about this and seen images posted on Google from a bird’s eye view perspective. It was one of the geysers that I most looked forward to visiting and it is often posted in natural places to go and visit too. There were about 4 pools and springs in the area, each very different. The Grand Prasmatic was at…

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Trout season is here!

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Even though trout season has been open for a couple of weeks, weather, water flow conditions and work have made it a no go for me.

Today was different. My friend Ron and I went out for a day of fishing at a new location, reputed to have a good run of rainbow. We didn’t bring along waders because the waters, we were told, were not wader friendly. Turns out we should have because it would have given us far more opportunities.

Regardless, we did well enough.

Ron used a centre-pin float reel and flies and caught 6 nice rainbows and broke off one. I only caught one, swinging a micro-wooly bugger, with my fly rod. I also lost another fish that hit a full sized wooly bugger earlier in the day.  My fish, shown here, measured 22 inches. Ron’s fish went from 18 to 26 inches, I’m guessing. He used a micro-bugger…

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