Things You Never Knew About Snow!

Tri-City Performance

5-things you may not know about snow!

  1. Did you know the average snowflake is made up of 180 Billion water particles! If the Wasatch Mountain Range gets up to 350″ of snow a year, that’s a number even Einstein’s calculator would have trouble with.
  2. All snowflakes have 6-sides, this is interesting when you consider that no two are exactly alike! Water molecules made of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms each are ultimately responsible for the familiar six-sided shape we associate with snowflakes.
  3. Snow is colorless, it absorbs sunlight uniformly which gives it a white appearance.
  4. A snowflake falls at an average of 3.1 mph.
  5. The definition of a blizzard is that it must snow for at least 3 hours, the wind must blow 35 mph the entire time and visibility must be no more that 1/4 mile. If any of these are not present, it is simply just a snowstorm.

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