What’s Your Stand on Drinking and Driving Snowmobiles?

Northern Wisconsin Snowmobiling

When snowmobiling to a bar will you have a drink?
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Snowmobiles are idling and their riders are about to make a trip to another bar. This sounds like an ordinary snowmobile ride but the question to ask is how much have they had to drink?

Drinking and driving a snowmobile is a controversial topic. Today, it is still one of the leading factors in snowmobile fatalities in Wisconsin. So why do people drink and drive on a snowmobile?

Many people snowmobile as a hobby, whether it’s because they have free time or they are on vacation. Snowmobilers are looking to enjoy themselves. This may mean taking in the scenery, cruising down the trails, or trying a new location to stop at. Most bars and restaurants sponsor snowmobile trail maps or will be listed somewhere on the map, leading the snowmobiler right to them. After stopping at a…

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Snowmobiling safety tips!

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Ride Sober – A high percentage of snowmobile fatalities and injuries are the direct result of someone’s irresponsible use of alcohol. Don’t drink and ride. Don’t let anyone else in your group drink and ride.

Be Aware Of Conditions – Early season ice conditions remain questionable. Snowfall can insulate thin ice and slow the freezing process. Snow levels may vary on the trails. Objects may be covered or barely hidden. Ride accordingly.

Stay off roads and on trails – Early in the season, it is tempting to ride on roadways. Don’t do it. It is illegal and it puts both snowmobilers and automobile drivers in danger.

Ride At A Reasonable Speed – Speed limits are determined by existing conditions. If you can’t control your sled safely at the speed you are going, you are going too fast. You are not only threatening your safety, but the safety of others around…

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