Snowmobile Safety

Wendy Bisaro - Retired MLA - NWT Legislative Assembly

It’s winter and the snow looks great for some outdoor fun. But before you saddle up with a snowmobile or ATV, here are some tips to ensure a safe time while riding the trails.

Snowmobile Safety

  • Be prepared. Ensure that all equipment is functioning properly. Check your brakes, lights and engine.  Check twice before you hit the ice!
  • Kit up. Pack an emergency kit, (blanket, snacks/food, waterproof matches, shovel, a whistle, sunblock, a flashlight, spare fuel, tea or coffee, water/water purification tablets, duct tape, signal mirror, tool kit, first aid supplies, rope, flares, spare keys, a sharp knife, and/or compass) and have a plan in case you need to stay longer than expected.
  • Suit up. Wear an approved helmet. You only have one head, keep it functioning!
  • Buddy system. Tell a friend where you are going, and when you plan on returning. It never hurts to be careful.
  • Be smart

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