Elk Crossing…

Bull Elk Crossing the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park.

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October frenzy…

SwittersB & Exploring

Rainbow Trout-fly fishing-net-fly-SwittersBOregon trout caught/released. Fly pattern: Callibaetis emerger

Cooler temps, and an all day feeding frenzy yielded many encounters with dining Rainbow Trout on an Oregon lake. The day started with Midges (Chironomids) and they kept coming off from early morning until a lull around 5PM. An emergence of the Callibaetis mayfly and a spinner fall added additional action just below the surface with large swirls and porpoising rises. Caddis fluttered about and there was the additional (rarely seen by me) Waterboatmen emerging and later splatting back through the surface film to swim toward the bottom. There was a sense of energy on the part of the fish, I hadn’t seen on recent outings. Colder mornings, geese flying South, foliage turning colors, the sun at a lower angle…not Fall yet, but one senses that late Summer feel.

trout release-Evan Muncy-photo-fish-Oregon-SwittersB A Rainbow Trout caught on a Prince Nymph pattern along the edge of a…

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Gravel Roads



As I walk
I hear the creek of the old pine logs
That make up the floor of this cabin
As I sit
I look out across the misty blanket of fog
and the tips of firs that peak above it
I inhale the aromatic humidity of my coffee
As I read
Each word pounds into my soul
With fatal brevity
And incomprehensible consolation
Words like bought and pardoned
Phrases like ‘no longer’ and ‘filled with the spirit’
Red and black letters
That sing in ten part harmony
About the change that has gushed into my life
I am a new person

As I reflect
My mind takes in the beauty of the montana hills
Through the lens of my redemption
Everything is sweeter
I finally enjoy it all in ease
My eyes drink up the beautiful lighting of my surroundings
Knowing that I am at peace with the…

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